Ashford Sports facilities

Ashford offers a wide range of activities including trampoline parks, skate parks and local leisure centres.

Flipout Ashford has seen an incredible response from the local public. Wall-to-wall trampolines, stunt area and foam pits… it’s a bouncing paradise!

Sk8side Ashford is the place for every Tony Hawkes-wannabe. There are mini-ramps. Quarter pipes, flat banks and funboxes to practise tricks, as well as an onsite shop for spare parts and set up their own boards.

The Stour Centre plays a strong part in the community life in Ashford, offering swimming pools, spin and fitness studios, spa facilities – essentially everything you need from your local leisure centre, and with good value prices too.

Another local sports venue is the Julie Rose Stadium near Conningbrook Lakes which provides a gym, fitness classes and multi-games areas.