Environmental Mission Statement

Pure Abodes Serviced Accommodation is committed to conserving our natural resources and improving our environment to promote a long-term future. We choose associates and suppliers to drive our eco-friendly practices. Our goal is to reduce our carbon footprint by utilising sustainable practices in all aspects of our operations.

Pure Abodes Serviced Accommodation strives to be a responsible environmental leader in the hospitality industry. We are implementing green initiatives and promoting conservation at each level of operation. Its primary purpose has always been to make a profit so that it can look after its guests, promote humanitarian and social causes, and in the long term, protect the environment and its heritage.

Environmental Commitment

In order to make a cleaner and safer environment and ensure environmental issues remain a focal point and receive proper attention, we at Pure Abodes Serviced Accommodation will work together

In delivering our commitment we will:

  1. Our Apartments are furnished with natural materials and only use eco-conscious products. We practice recycling as well as working with local suppliers.
  2. Complying with relevant environmental legislation, and taking a proactive approach to future requirements and obligations.
  3. Our suppliers are dedicated to minimizing impacts on the environment, and they’ve demonstrated this commitment by meeting our standards.
  4.  We are committed to reducing our environmental impact by continually improving the energy efficiency of our operations, and reducing waste.

Example of every day procedures/actions:


  • Bulk buying cuts out the excess packaging associated with individual food items and cleaning materials
  • Use eco-conscious suppliers, to reduce packaging waste
  • We choose local suppliers where possible
  • We choose natural products that are reusable and do not have plastics such as Bamboo loo paper, wooden washing-up brushes, loofah washing up sponges, refillable aluminium natural wash (which is a face, body, and shampoo in one)
  • All the furniture we choose natural, long-lasting materials
  • All liquid cleaners are purchased in bulk
  • We use natural, concentrated cleaning products which reduce packaging and the effects on the environment while ensuring a healthy environment for our guests

Saving Energy by: 

  • We are able to replace bulbs with low energy bulbs, so we reduce our energy bills and at the same time we get more light from the bulbs, as well as being better for the environment.
  • Using Nest and other energy controlling methods, to ensure that we use heating when needed and not when our properties are empty
  • We work remotely from home
  • With high tech elements to our business such as keyless locks, where we can let in guests or trades remotely and not drive to meet each person

Our Partners

Greengage – Eco Smart 

Certified Serviced Apartment 

Greengage Vision

Our planet is precious. Yet the earth’s natural resources are under threat and the climate emergency is a warning that inaction is no longer an option.

Charitable Contributions


The search engine that plants trees

Support Scholar & Rebuild a school

Via our sister company www.theviva.club, where we help business owners reclaim their time with virtual assistants from the Philippines. Our organisation is established to support students while choosing their careers in various fields. We are rebuilding a new school in a remote area to help the children who want to pursue their dreams by learning and education. 

Amazon Smile

Give back to your community and make a difference with your purchases. AmazonSmileb is a simple and automatic way for you to support. Frontier Cares every time you shop

We support The Royal National Lifeboat Institution, which is a charity that Emma, founder has always wanted to support, as they are solely funded privately. 

Plus a local charity, that reflects Pure Abodes ethos, Singleton Spaces in Ashford and  their mission is:

  1. The preservation, protection and improvement of the natural environment for the public benefit, in particular but not exclusively by promoting and supporting the creation and maintenance of green spaces within the area of benefit.
  2. Advancing education for the public benefit.