Pure Abodes – Eco Conscious

Pure Abodes brand and ethos, was created by Sasha & I (Emma), as we are passionate about the environment, making life easier through technology and understanding the needs of business and leisure travellers.

In every action Sasha & I (Emma), take in our business, we have the environment on our mind. Bigger companies can throw money at this, however, we believe it starts with each individual and how they can make an impact from the ground up.

Within our apartments we ensure the following:

  • Encourage zero single-use plastic – we do not provide cling film & offer crockery that can be used to store food
  • Bean to cup coffee machines using locally roasted coffee beans from Lost Barn coffee based in nearby Rolvenden
  • NASA recommended pollutant absorbing plants that also produce a disproportionate amount of oxygen into our apartments
  • Our linen company is continuously looking at new ways to become more environmentally friendly
  • We support local, this is a huge part of our business. From becoming a valued business member of the Ashford community to supporting local artisan suppliers
  • Recycling bins, All apartments have 3 bins
    • 1 for recycling
    • 1 for general waste
    • 1 for food waste
  • Natural material where possible
  • High technology with high efficiency
    • Nest Thermostat
    • Ring Camera outside each apartment for direct contact with guests remotely
    • Keyless locks