We feel no-one should be restricted by hotels

Travelling for work can be disruptive and expensive. Pure Abodes promises to make every stay an affordable one without compromising on comfort.

Traditionally, hotels are the go-to for serviced accommodation. Some hotels are expensive, generic and can be bad for the environment. With Pure Abodes, you’re staying in a luxurious, eco-friendly, home from home that won’t break the bank.

Choosing Pure Abodes is a positive choice for the environment. It’s a positive choice for your well-being and it’s the best choice for your wallet.

Your journey with us is simple. You book, arrive, self-check-in, enjoy your stay, check-out and return again.


Designed to welcome contractors and corporate clients to the Folkestone area, every room is bright and modern, not least the open plan lounge, kitchen and dining area. Stretch out on the inviting sofa and watch some TV. Spread out your papers and laptops on the desk and nail that project. Show off your culinary skills in a kitchen that features all the essential appliances you need to cook for yourselves on those mealtimes when you’re not grabbing a takeaway or eating out. There’s a coffee machine, so you can get going every morning the delicious way.

And what of the bedrooms? Both are presented in a manner that befits a hotel room, with pillows puffed up to the max, and orthopedic mattresses. The bathroom too invites you to take a shower. 

Emma Howitt

Direct booking benefits

  • Guaranteed lower price than online portals
  • Speak direct to us & we can immediately answer your questions
  • We can adapt to your needs
  • Make an online reservation
  • Or call 01233690970
  • Hashtag book direct
  • Earn £25 voucher if you refer a friend & they book a minimum of 3 nights

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